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About Us
The Wine Blokes is committed to providing useful, safe and secure website for mature visitors.

About You
You may only use and access the website if you are of legal age to purchase alcohol in your country of residence and in the country from which you are accessing the site. If you are not of legal age to purchase alcohol, you are expressly forbidden from using and accessing the site.

The Use of Cookies on

Cookies for Commenting

We use cookies to improve your user experience. If you are a registered contributor, in order to place comments on this website, you will have a small file, or cookie, placed onto your browser to make future commenting easier. You may block and delete this file using your browser settings.

Cookies for Visitor Tracking

We use Google Analytics to track visitor statistics such as referring website, browser settings, visitor country and other non specific information. This data is captured by the placement of a first party cookie by Google’s tracking software. You can find out more detail about this here:

Cookies to Track Sales

Some retailers who list products on The Wine Blokes pay us a referral fee for originating purchases. In order to track these sales, a cookie is placed onto the browser of the web user only if the said user clicks on a link to that retailer’s website.

Not all “buy now” buttons use sales tracking cookies, though users should expect that any “visit retailer” or “buy now” button may result in the placement of a cookie to track future actions.

Your Data Stored by The Wine Blokes

We do not store any personal data about you save that which you submit to us, in the form of emails or user comments.

If you submit a comment, your name, comment content and website address will be stored in our database and may be visible online until such a time as that comment is deleted absolutely from our system (usually when a product or page is removed). We will store your email address and the IP address of the originating machine from which the comment was submitted, in order to contact you should this be required in future, but neither shall be displayed publicly.

Users should note that comments may be edited and altered prior to publication, and at any time henceforth.

You may email us to request the deletion of a comment using the details found on the Contact Us page.

User Accounts

The Wine Blokes will store only those details which you submit to us in your profile page, and we will not display publicly any personally identifying information other than your chosen “display name” and any comment you may submit. You may edit or remove your own comments if you have a user account. You may also Contact Us to request the permanent deletion of your user account.

Further Privacy Questions

While we have tried to cover every instance during which your personal information may be collected, or a cookie may be placed upon your computer by The Wine Blokes there may be instances we have overlooked. If you have any questions or comments regarding your privacy, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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